Business Consulting

Rosemary Wiese is committed to providing businesses in Alice Springs with expert consulting
and training. She will do everything to ensure your business is professionally managed in all aspects,
from bookkeeping to the health and wellbeing of your employees.

If you are looking to successfully build
and manage your business, contact Rosemary Wiese today

Communication & Wellbeing

Rosemary Wiese is dedicated to building multi-level markets in communication and wellbeing to help manage your business in Alice Springs. She supplies and stocks speciality communication devices and health products from companies such as:

  • ACN
  • Amway
  • Luminesce y.e.s
  • Jeunesse Zen Bodi
  • Plantronics
  • Polaris
  • Samsung

Her consultation services extend to these products to ensure that she finds the right solution for you and your business. Ranging from wireless headsets to nutritional products, Rosemary Wiese has everything to keep you and your staff on track.

MYOB Consulting & Training

Since 1999, Rosemary Wiese has been providing MYOB consulting and training to businesses in the Alice Springs region. Her services cover everything from bookkeeping and accounting to selling point-of-sale systems and products. Whether you're looking to be trained in all the necessary MYOB products for your business or looking for someone else to handle it for you, Rosemary is an accredited MYOB bookkeeper, reseller and trainer. She will ensure that your entire business management and accounting needs are covered.

Anti-Virus Protection

It's incredibly important for all businesses to learn how to manage and protect their computer systems from hacking or viruses. To help ensure that your business records and details are secure, Rosemary Wiese provides and sells high-quality anti-virus protection and security systems from leading brands:

  • • eScan (authorised seller)
  • • Polaris

No matter how big, small or remote your business may be, Rosemary will have the right antivirus protection and security system for your computer.

Satellite Phones &
Personal Locator Beacons

Rosemary Wiese is committed to helping all businesses, especially those that are either located or needing to travel to remote areas. She supplies, sells and hires out satellite phones and personal locator beacons from major companies, including:

  • • Pivotel
  • • Iridium
  • • Thuraya
  • • GME

These devices will allow your business to stay in contact with employees in remote areas, ensuring their safety during their travels. Satellite phones and personal locator beacons are affordable solutions, with the added convenience of being easy to carry and operate.